Maintenance Tips

Unfortunately there is a myth surrounding UPVC windows, doors etc., that they are mainentance free, where actually the correct information is that they are low maintenance. The maintenance necessary is mainly lubrication, so by following the advice below you will greatly increase the reliability of all your products.

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All moving parts should be oiled or greased at least once a year, that is any moving part that is visible to the eye. Simply lightly rub grease on any moving part using your finger, alternatively if you would prefer to use oil, machine oil or something similar, pour some oil onto a saucer and, by using a small artist brush, gently brush any moving parts visible.

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All door barrels also need lubrication either by brushing oil or rubbing grease on both leading edges of the key and then working into both sides of the barrel.

Do not use spray lubricants such as WD40 or similar because these products will end up drying out the moving parts when they evaporate leaving them free from lubricant in turn causing excessive wear and parts to seize up

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